LauncherOne launches satellites on on first operational flight

  • June 30 – Virgin Orbit launched seven payloads on first operational flight.
  • LauncherOne was released from Cosmic Girl carrier aircraft (Boeing 747) and then ignited NewtonThree first stage engine.
  • This was second successfull mission for Virgin Orbit and first operational mission.

SpaceX launches newest GPS satellite on reused booster

June 17 – SpaceX launches a GPS satellite on a reused booster for the first time.

Satellite deployed successfully and B1062 landed back on JRTI droneship This was 19th Falcon 9 launch in 2021.

Orbital launch tower takes shape

Launch tower that will support Starship Superheavy launches in Starbase, Texas is being stacked with new segments. Currently this tower is stacked in four parts.

SpaceX launches CRS-22

SpaceX launched CRS-22 on time at 13:29 EDT (17:29 UTC) on Thursday, June 3. The capsule was the new and upgraded cargo Dragon capsule, which launched for second time.

This mission was supported by a brand new Falcon 9 booster.

First human spaceflight from Spaceport America

Virgin Galactic conducted the first human spaceflight from Spaceport America in New Mexico. The carrier aircraft released VSS Unity at an altitude of 44,000 feet.

Following a 60 second burn, VSS Unity reached an apogee of 89,2 kilometers and then landed back safely on the runway.

20th flight of Electron rocket ended in failure

This mission was 2nd time Rocket Lab tried to recover 1st stage which splashes down under a parachute.

The reason for this failure is still unknown but it’s believed that 2nd turned hard to one side after separation and ignition and that might trigger auto engine shut down.

Record breaking launch

SpaceX launched another batch of 60 Starlink satellite this weekend.

This mission was launched using B1051 which flew for 10th time and landed back on the droneship, setting a new record for rocket reusability.

SN15 test flight

SpaceX launched Starship prototype SN15 from Boca Chica launch site.

This marked 5th high altitude test flight and the first ever smooth landing of fully stacked Starship. SN15 relight and landed on 2 Raptor engines.

SpaceX live stream:

SN15 ready for flight

Starship SN15 recently performed 2 static fires in Boca Chica.

SN15 has a lot of upgrades including improved Raptor engines. 10km test flight is now targeted for April 30, 2021, but it’s likely this will change.

Link for SN15 static fires:

Starship launch site render

I created a render of Starship launch site in Boca Chica, Texas. As of April 2021, it approximately represents the launch site in real life with newly added launch support tower.


First flight of Ingenuity

April 19, 2021, Mars helicopter Ingenuity completed it’s first flight making it the first ever powered flight on another planet.

Video of flight:

SpaceX to land humans on the lunar surface by 2024

NASA has selected Starship to land the first astronauts on the lunar surface since Apollo program.

New and improved version of the lander has also been revealed.

Mars Helicopter flight soon

Mars Helicopter Ingenuity will attempt the first ever powered flight on another planet soon. Ingenuity was lowered to the surface from Perseverance rover which carried it to Mars.


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