Electron launches from a new launch pad

1. 3. 2022 0 By Space Seeker

On February 28, Rocket Lab launched The Owl’s Night Continues mission on an Electron rocket from a new launch pad LC-1B which is located next to LC-1A on Launch Complex 1 in Mahia, New Zealand. Before this mission, Rocket Lab was launching only from one launch site but future missions are also expected from the Launch Complex 2 in Wallops Island, Virginia, USA.

The payload deployed was a StriX β which is a Japanese synthetic aperture radar satellite built by Synspective. It will function as a demonstrator for their planned 25 satellite constellation and will feature an X-band synthetic aperture radar.

Photo by Rocket Lab

The first mission from LC-1B and the first mission in 2022 for Rocket Lab has successfully deployed the payload into a sun-synchronous orbit inclined 97 degrees to the Equator, at an altitude of 561 kilometers. Rocket Lab currently has eight missions planned, including the CAPSTONE lunar mission and hopefully a booster recovery by helicopter.