Arianespace Vega launches 5 satellites

17. 8. 2021 0 By Space Seeker

The Vega rocket launched for the second time this year carrying multiple payloads, including 922 kg Pleiades-Neo 4 Earth observation satellite by Airbus Defence and Space. Other payloads were from European Space Agency (ESA) and from Unseenlabs.

Arianespace flight VV19 launched on August 16, at 10:47 PM local time. The solid rocket motor on the first stage ignited at T-0 and Vega then quickly left the pad in Guiana Space Centre, France bound for sun-synchronous orbit. Second and third stage also have solid propellant built by Avio in Italy. Third stage burned out at T+ 6:30 in to the flight and after a coast phase fourth liquid-fueled stage ignited just after T+8:00. Vehicle reached initial parking orbit just before sixteen minutes after liftoff. All satellites deployed and mission was successful.

Photo by Arianespace