SpaceX launches CRS-22

4. 6. 2021 0 By Space Seeker

SpaceX launched CRS-22 on time at 13:29 EDT (17:29 UTC) on Thursday, June 3. The capsule was the new and upgraded cargo Dragon capsule. This mission was supported by a brand new Falcon 9 booster as well as a new capsule. Booster 1067 will support the Inspiration4 mission no earlier than September and the Crew-3 launch as early as this October.

CRS-22 cargo:

  • Total: 3,328 kilograms of cargo
  • 1,948 kg of which is in the pressurized Dragon capsule
  • 1,380 kg comes from the pair of ISS Roll-Out Solar Arrays (IROSAs) in the unpressurized trunk of Dragon

Mission went according to plan, the booster landed on the droneship and Cargo Dragon separated from the second stage at T+12 minutes.

CRS-22 mission – liftoff
Photo by nasaspaceflight